• Café de la Estacion

  • Black steps lead up to the red-and-green train carriage that is Café de la Estacion, one of the funky cafés in Bogotá. There are a good dozen small wooden tables crammed inside but it's great fun. The décor does not disguise its train setting, but adds to its authenticity with sepia photographs of trains hung beneath the luggage racks and warm wall lamps affixed near each window. A cabinet of cakes and pastries sit towards the back of the train carriage, though you're more likely to find good food in a more conventional setting. However, the coffee is very good and the solitary waitress does an excellent job of keeping track of all her orders.
    • Calle 14, No. 5-14
    • +57 1 562 4080
    • Open: 11am-10pm Mon-Thurs; 11am-1am Fri-Sat

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